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Hi and welcome to Pretty Different!

My name is Marit, and I started this website with a mission. I think this world is too obsessed with perfection, and I find that kinda strange. Cause, did you ever meet a perfect person? Neither did I… I think we need to start looking at people differently. Starting with me. I was born with a handicap, and so ashamed of it, because I was not perfect. Worse, I was different! Now I know that being different is just the whole thing. Being different is beautiful! I am very pretty, I am Pretty Different. And I LOVE it!

I dream of a world where different is normal. Where we are all just humans, and how we look has nothing to do with some sort of crazy ideal. A world where every person can be happy just the way they are; with one hand, or two, big or small, blind, yellow, very tall, with pink hair or … Let’s be pretty different!


  1. Hi Marit

    I just found your website and I love it. Really inspiring. I am a wheelchair user and increasingly disabled, and I keep coming up against how difficult it is to work out what looks good when you are sitting down – it’s just not the same stuff that looks good when you are standing up! I thought it would be great to write about the issues that come with trying to be well dressed when disabled – we all have different bodies but we all want to look good! And somehow it feels more important to make an effort to look good when you don’t look ‘normal’. Almost a bit of a mission to prove that one can be attractive and disabled. Or maybe just not to be invisible? Not that I can imagine you ever are invisible, you are way too pretty for that! Anyway, it would be so lovely to read an article about fashion that looks good when you are sitting down :)

    All the best

    • Oh my goodness Hatty! I’ve totally missed this comment! I’m so embarrassed… Maybe you can forgive me when I tell you that there are definitely some fashion looks coming for people who are sitting down. So stay tuned :)

  2. I am teacher .I have been inspired by many of my children I call to the disables as there gifts to the world to learn from they are bright beautiful loving and caring it has to change our world to help mankind see our children with leaders such as you for fronting the way..Thank you you are inspiriring

  3. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. I have been shy of my imperfections but fight to overcome them

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