OOTD: Amputee Caiti rocking her Amputeez shirt


Amputee Caiti is one sexy looking lady, so yes, you can stare all you want! 

Caiti is one of the girls you’re going to see much more of on Pretty Different. She is a sexy blonde who happens to miss one of her legs. Caiti became an amputee at four years old due to a rare birth defect. Like me (and a lot of other amputees) she hid her missing leg for as long as she could, until she grew tired of hiding… Since then Caiti has started accepting herself for the true beauty she is and her line of t-shirts, called Amputeez, is the final step in accepting herself. So here she is, showing of a shirt from her own line. I love it!







Instagram Caiti: @amputeez
Shorts: Fashion Nova
Tank: ampuTeez™
Shoes: Vans
Glasses: H&M
Watch: Michele
Lipstick: MAC


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.

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  1. I have known Caiti all of her life. I have watched her go through all her surgeries and watched her grow into the beautiful, amazing women that she is today. Even as a child she was a strong, fun girl. She tried everything that she could~ dance, basketball, softball. You name it, she tried it! Nothing stopped her! Caiti will go places in her life because she doesn’t quit! Cait, you are amazing! Love you! Aunt Chris

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