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amputee girl documentary cosmopolitan one leg

Normally I’m not a big fan of Cosmopolitan, but this documentary is worth a watch! Kirstie loses her leg after an accident in the army. This video shows her getting back up.

I don’t know what it’s like to lose a part of your body since I was born without my left hand. But I imagine it’s a lot harder because you’ve got so much more to get used to.

So this story is a great one to see. Kirstie is an honest, beautiful and strong human being who shows us that there’s so much beauty in accepting who you are and getting through the hard times. It even looks like she got out of it stronger. You go girl!

I think a lot of people would be so afraid to lose a part of their body, they’d say things like ‘I wouldn’t want to live anymore’. I think that’s really a shame. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but if you’re trying to live this live perfectly, you’re going to end up sad, frustrated and unhappy. I don’t know one disabled person that isn’t glad they’re alive. Yes, ofcourse we have our struggles, but who doesn’t? In the end it’s the inside that count’s. And even though I know that sounds cheesy AF, you know it’s true :)

Source video: Cosmopolitan


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.

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