Introducing a new member of the PD family: Loïs


Loïs is introducing herself in this post and telling you all why she wants to be a part of Pretty Different.

Hey guys! I’m Loïs. I am a seventeen year old girl with a sister who is the craziest person I have ever met, and the fun part is, there are two of them! The weird ideas they always think of and the amazing things they create always make my day. Sometimes very impulsive and meaningless. But this time my sister decided to stand out from the crowd and she came up with the idea of a site/blog that is not always about perfection or how to get the perfect body.

I think this is a wonderful idea, to show the world imperfection is what makes the world beautiful! Thats why I want to help and support this site by writing articles about what concerns me, but in a way that women, men, girls or boys feel accepted. This can be articles about beautiful people with beautiful stories, but also a little bit more superficial, like beauty, fashion etc.

So I hope you dear readers will stick with us to make this a place for people who are not perfect, but also a place to laugh, to feel beautiful and get some fashion ideas ofcourse 😉




Loïs Smit

Loïs loves being a part of Pretty Different. She loves all things beauty and fashion, but also likes hanging around in her pyjama and watching movies (Pride and Prejudice is her favorite).

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