Introducing Sarah: ‘Everyone is beautiful just as they are’

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Sarah was born with one hand, but never saw that as a disability. ‘I’m completely comfortable with my arm.’

I am Sarah and I was born missing my left arm. I have never referred to myself as having a disability and believe whole heartedly that I do not have a disability but instead an ability to inspire the world.

The thing I am most proud of is my ability to lead and inspire through my faith in Jesus Christ.

The question that I get asked most about having one arm is what happened or does it hurt?

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There were many challenges I faced in my life. Such as, putting up my hair, jumping rope, doing a push-up, and overcoming the monkey bars. Those are not all of the challenges I was faced with but a few. I also faced the challenge at the age of eight of feeling like no one could understand me. However with each of these challenges I was able to overcome each of them full stride. With every challenge I accepted it and decided to take them on to overcome each of them. Some things took more time then others to overcome but I knew anything was possible.

I want people struggling with my difference to know that they are beautiful just as they are and do not need to change themselves. Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself and most importantly, our differences do not define who we are. Instead they are a part of God’s great story he has written for us.
I have always been very confident in having one arm, I never questioned it for a second and would never want two hands for even a second. I know that God made me this way for a purpose and he has an amazing purpose and journey for my life. I trust him fully.

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The biggest misunderstanding about me is that most people assume that I am not comfortable about my arm so they just stare and don’t ask about it. However, I would love if someone asked me about my arm and I also am always making jokes about it so I am fully comfortable with my arm.

In life the biggest accomplishment I hope to accomplish is to inspire others. With my college degree I also hope to one day have my own talkshow and share others life stories. I want people to know that living with my disability is a blessing and I would never change it.

The funniest thing that involves my arm is when i was little, a kid on the playground asked where my arm was and I told him on my dresser because that’s where my prosthetic was and the kid ran away crying as I laughed.


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.

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