Jillian Mercado slays as Beyonce’s new model


What do you do if one of your biggest crushes (hello Beyoncé) uses a disabled model in her new campaign? You just scream happily! And Jillian Mercado is slaying this!

Jillian Mercado has been making waves in the fashion industry for quite a while. She was a model for Diesel, and much more. But this might just be the coolest thing yet; Jillian is one of the models for Beyonce’s new tour collection. And how cool does she look?!

This is such an important thing to do by Beyonce! People all over the world should see that we’re just as much a part of society as anyone else. So yay Beyoncé!

Photo’s: Instagram/Jillian Mercado/Shop.beyonce.com


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.

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