Kevan traveled through Europe with a disability

kevan travels europe with disability

The other day I found this amazing story from Kevan and his friends who travelled Europe together. Keep reading and let him tell you how to travel with a disability!

The main tip? Travel with your friends! Kevan asked his friends to take him, since he can’t walk on his own, and they did. I think that’s definitely the best part about this story, how true friendship can upgrade your life. I don’t believe it was a hard thing for these friends to do though, I mean, yeah, It’s heavy to carry your friend around… But wouldn’t you do the same for your friends?

This story shows us how much is possible when we work together, when we take care of each other. This world can sometimes be a tough place, where everyone is only interested in themselves… But I truely believe we can make it a better place with a little help from friends. So just think about what you can do for someone else, how you can make their day a bit better instead of your own. And don’t let your disability stop you! Because there are a million things that you can still do to brighten someone’s day, even if it’s just a smile.

Photo: We carry Kevan


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