Real bikini bodies

real bikini bodies

As summer is approaching, you will see the term ‘bikini body’ more and more. Women are supposed to start training and starving themselves in order to get the perfect bikini body, if that even exists! Pictures of celebrities are shown to ‘motivate’ us. But are those really the real bikini bodies?

Mine definitely is not. I have huge scars on my legs (you know, cellulite, like most real women have), my tummy is not rock hard and neither is my butt. If I were to believe the media I’m supposed to train like a beast to make my ‘bikini body beach proof’. Say what?

Magazine covers (and the internet) are full with the same message, and I don’t like it. Nobody has a ‘perfect bikini body’. And why do we even want it?

real bikini bodies 2

Luckily, there are some women who are proud of their real bodies. I found this really nice article at about REAL bikini bodies. These pictures were taken by friends or family, not professional photographers. Also, there’s no Photoshop  Everything you see is real and natural. Go check it out here.

real bikini bodies

One of the beautiful ladies showing off her real bikini body.


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.


  1. I think you have a pretty great ‘bikini body’ Marit!! I could only wish to look like that!!
    Don’t think I’ll ever wear a bikini anymore after I had my son…. stretchmarks all over!

    • Thanks 😉 The whole point is that we shouldn’t really care so much I think. I’m still very insecure about my body in a bikini (even when you think my body’s fine ;)). Mostly because it doesn’t look like the ones in the magazines. I don’t like my upper legs, my belly, my arm… But I shouldn’t care so much!! And neither should you :) I think we need to learn to stop comparing, and start embracing that we’re all different.

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