Review: Finding Dory is a MUST watch for anyone!


Yesterday I went to the Dutch premiere of Finding Dory. As you could read in a previous post I really wanted to go because of the impact Nemo made in my life.

You can read all about that and the Lucky Fin Project in this post. To say my expectations were high is the understatement of the century. Ever since I heard of Finding Nemo 2 (which it was called at first) I tried to get my hands on as many information as possible, I was counting down the days until the release. So I was thrilled to go to the premiere!



And is Finding Dory worth the hype?

Yes. A big fat yes! Finding Nemo definitely has a worthy follow up. My friend who came with me even said that she likes the new film better. In her words ‘this movie is just so much deeper! But still so much fun.’ And that’s definitely true. I laughed, I cried, I felt so close to all these characters… It’s an amazing story.

Disabilities in Finding Dory

In Finding Dory Nemo’s disability is not talked about like it was in Finding Nemo, Dory’s however is very much talked about. And she’s not the only one! There are so many characters in this film who are different then ‘normal’. There’s a whale shark who’s nearsighted, a Beluga that doesn’t know how to use it’s sonar skills, an octopus with only 7 arms (instead of 8)… Together with Dory and Nemo they are awesome rolemodels for diversity.



The thing with these movies is the positive outlook on their differences. It’s what makes these characters unique, and it definitely doesn’t make them someone to pity. And that’s exactly what’s needed in Hollywood. We don’t need another disabled character to pity, or to be inspired by (so ‘normal’ people can say ‘if they can do it, so can we’)… We need characters that are just like any other. Who have their struggles, but who are just as much a part of this world as any other.

The Dutch voice of Dory, Annick Boer said it perfectly: ‘I think it’s a very good thing that Nemo and Dory are here. They’re very cute and loveable characters and they show the world that they’re not crazy or weird, even though they’re different!’

So, go, go, go! This movie is worth every penny… (Oh, and this image is just SO true, lol…)

finding dory finding nemo



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