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Open almost any magazine, and you will find stories about women’s faces, arms, legs, belly’s, fat, bones, plastic surgery, or the lack of it. It’s crazy! It doesn’t so much worry me that magazines write about it, it worries me that, apparently, we want to read it! Is that really our truth of beauty?

So there’s this actress. She went on a holiday, and of course, the paparazzi were there as well. So in a very short period of time she’s on the internet and in magazines. Then what happens? Are we talking about how great an actress she is? Oh no, we talk about her body. About the fat on her belly, about the scars on her legs. We talk about her in the worst way possible, because that way we can see ourselves in her.

Is this okay? I don’t think so. But I don’t think it’s a weird thing. Normally this actress looks amazingly stunning. She looks like a person that’s perfect on the cover of every magazine, who walks down the red carpet looking like an angel. So of course we take our chances when we can see what she looks like as a normal person! And that’s exactly my point. Why can’t we always see her as a normal person? Because that’s what she is. Why does this society want her to be some sort of perfect woman? Just so we can bring her down?

There’s a singer that I admire a lot. Her name is Demi Lovato. She started performing at a very young age, and of course she became very famous (what’s not to love about her?). But with fame came a price. Demi felt so bad about herself that she ended up in rehab. She had an eating disorder, was cutting herself and did not believe that she was good enough. Such a shame! Look at this woman! She is so gorgeous, but she doesn’t even think so herself…

pressure perfect

Luckily, Demi came out of rehab doing really well. She says it’s an everyday struggle still. “Recovery doesn’t have a day off…..I don’t think there is a finish line I just think you keep going.” And that’s what she does. She’s inspiring thousands of girls around the world to be happy with themselves, telling them about her own struggle. I think that’s a very brave thing to do.

But still, all this leaves me with a lot of questions. What if all girls can grow up in an environment where it’s not important how you look? Where it’s way more important who you are? Wouldn’t it save a lot of girls some big issues?

Source pictures: and Demi Lovato


Marit is the person who started Pretty Different. She was born with only one hand and has struggled with the crazy ideal of perfection. Since accepting that she's different, she started seeing the beauty in 'imperfection'.

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